Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update on Walker

So many of you have kindly asked to be kept updated about Walker's illness.

Here's what the vet told me this morning:

They have done x-rays and can find no foreign object in his intestinal tract or any sign of a blockage.  So an obstruction has been ruled out.

Walker's enzymes are normal and there seems to be no tenderness in his tummy.  Pancreatitis is also ruled out.

By process of elimination, and because there was blood in Walker's vomit this morning, the vet thinks Walker may have hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE).  (There was no blood in his vomit before today.) He says this may be caused by an E. coli bacterial infection.  He's keeping him on fluids and changed the antibiotic to something more powerful to kill any E. coli infection.  He wants to avoid septicemia.  We should know if the new antibiotic is working within 24 hours.

As I read about it on the internet (I was told not to do this), I saw that HGE can sometimes be caused by stress.  Walker, by his nature, lives with a lot of stress.  He's young and strong. Please keep sending him good wishes so we can bring him home very soon.

This tree is in my office parking lot.
Dogwood blooms are supposed to be symbolic of strength and endurance -
both of which Walker needs tonight.  


  1. Walker sounds EXACTLY like Hawk now! If he stays true to character, he'll be back home feeling better tomorrow. I sure hope so, poor guy! Hawk lived with the certainty that the sky was falling and would get him at any minute.

  2. Come on, Walker! We're all rooting for you to come home. I had to laugh about "don't look on the internet." No way could I obey that.

  3. I've been thinking of Walker. Glad those other things have been ruled out. Hope the meds knock any infection on the head and he is soon home where he belongs.

    Polly and I are sending gnetle hugs to you all, but especially to (((Walker)))

  4. Sending more good thoughts that he is better and home soon.

  5. Oh we're crossing everything for Walker. I had never heard of this illness before and now here is the second greyhound I know who has had it in the last week. I wonder if there is some sort of food recall coming that we don't yet know about...

    1. At this point, I guess it could be anything. The vet is thinking it's not the food because Truly and Maggie are fine. I'm so sorry to hear that there's a second grey with a similar illness. This is just crazy -

  6. Lynn,
    My mom was telling me my brother's sheltie had something like this going on recently (vomiting, dehydration, staying at the vet, antibiotics, etc). Their vet said it was some kind of virus. Not sure how their dog got it because he's an only dog and isn't around other dogs. Crossing all fingers, toes & paws that all will be well for Walker.