Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Great Break

It's been a very mild November in Middle Georgia - perfect for enjoying a week of holiday vacation with the family.

If you look closely at the sky in this photo, you can see lots of black birds flying around.  The cool thing is they aren't birds.  They're BATS!  Bats eating mosquitoes in my back yard!  We LOVE bats!
It was time for Walker to get his nails trimmed. The Dremel didn't work for the boy. The guillotene clippers didn't work either. They broke on the first nail. But I found these at PetSmart. 

So I called him in for his first sitting.  He's looking at me with a lot of trepidation.

He had to bow and yawn at me many, many times.

I saw a lot of red brindle rear end before he finally came in to lay on his pillow.
I am very pleased to say that the new clippers worked just fine.  All of his nails are trimmed and filed.  I so wanted to get a shot of his newly trimmed nails - but Walker really had quite enough of me that day.

The dogs spent a great deal of time outside since the weather was so nice.
 Truly even stayed in the yard longer than usual enjoying the sun.

In this shot, Maggie is just about to start a foot race with Walker.  They have become great pals in the last couple of weeks.

Here they are on the deck stairs together.  You can see how tall Walker is in this photo.  Maggie is not a small girl. 
She's an average-sized female but she looks tiny in comparison to him.

Walker and Maggie at the end of one of their daily races around the yard.

Maggie says she pretty tired after that run.  I didn't find out until later in the day that she got a
nice-sized cut on the bottom of her foot in one of those races - didn't slow her down, though.

Truly, Maggie and Walker usually stay with me in the kitchen if I'm cooking.  Fortunately, Maggie and Walker stay
out from under foot.  Truly lays right in the middle of the floor forcing me to set over or on him while I'm working. 

Walker likes to spend his kitchen-time standing by the fridge.

Truly in the front watching me.  Walker in the back watching the fridge door.

In doing my Thanksgiving shopping at the supermarket, I came across a can of EXTRA GREEN green beans.  What?  Really, EXTRA GREEN?  I bought a can just to see if they really were extra green, green beans.

Yes!  Yes, they were.  Now, my next question:  Why would you ever need EXTRA GREEN green beans?

Maggie and Truly loved having us home so they could get extra walks.  Walker doesn't enjoy leashes so he stays home.
And the cat, Paulie Walnuts.  Paulie is still -- just Paulie. 

Well, the break is over.  As I sit here comtemplating another day at the office tomorrow, I'm enjoying this last bit of holiday time with my family.  We're watching a new episode of one of our favorite TV shows.   Truly, Maggie and Paulie are watching. 

And so is our foster hound, Walker.  Hmmmmm . . . .


  1. Your break sounds lovely! I hope Walker learns to let you cut his nails. Extra green is better than less green, I'm guessing! :P

    I sent you an e-mail this morning about the article you were looking for. If you got it, no worries! If you didn't, let me know and I'll resend it! :)

    1. Yes, I did get it. Thank you! On my way to Greytalk -

  2. Loving the photos of the hounds.

    I love Walking Dead. Think you are a series ahead of us.

    I like the idea of the extra green beans, as here they often look grey.

  3. Extra green green beans. Marketing GENIUS!

  4. It's hard to go back to work after such a break with the kids. I will have to look for EXTRA green green beans next time at the store.