Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Friday, November 30, 2012

Someone Has Some Splainin' To Do

While cooking dinner, I realize I dropped a paper towel on the floor.  I'm busy and I think, "I need to pick it up before one of the dogs gets it." Then the oven timer starts beeping. I forget about the paper towel.

I finish preparing the meal and I call the family in to eat.

This is what I see on the dining room floor:
That's the now-shredded paper towel on the left and Squirm the Worm on the right.

This is what I see in the dining room door:

That's half of Walker's face at the top and half of Maggie's face at the bottom.

Neither is forthcoming with the facts.

Truly comes in to survey the scene. He says, "It wasn't me, Mom."

I believe him.

Now for the other two . . .


  1. As you might suspect, they both said Squirm did it.

  2. That just makes sense, no? Squirm is right there. CLEARLY the worm did it!!!

  3. I reckon it was Squirm the Worm:)

  4. Obviously, Squirm the Worm orchestrated the whole thing!