Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Monday, January 11, 2010


Take a look at this and see if you can tell what happened here:

No, it wasn't Truly.

One of Sawyer's Christmas presents fell victim to an unsupervised two-year old.  Realizing that I haven't introduced Maggie yet, now is a good time.
The inclusion of Truly into our family was almost effortless.  Goodness, we enjoyed him.  We rushed home every day to see him.  He was always happy to do whatever we were doing.  Yes, we made some adjustments.  He made some adjustments.  He ate some shoes.  We bought some new shoes.  He ate some soap.  We learned to put soap out of the reach of his mouth.  We learned.  He learned.  Bottom line:  He is a remarkable companion for all of us and we love him dearly.
After three years, we decided it was time to "chip."  I'd never heard that word before I joined an online greyhound board, Greyhounds Make Great Pets.  As it was explained to me, greyhounds are like potato chips.  No one can have just one! 
Tim found a sweet little brindle girl on the SEGA website.  Our adoption application was approved and off we went.  We took Truly with us, of course.  The SEGA volunteer brought the little girl to us.  She adored Truly.  She walked under him.  She leaned on him.  She laid her head on him.  In short, she aggravated the beegeezus out of him.  I heard that low growl . . . hackles and all . . .  hmmm . . .
It was time for the adoptables to have their breakfast.  I took the little girl to her spot in the kennel so she could eat.  On my way out, I saw another little brindle girl snarling at me.  She was snarling and bowing, and . . . wagging her tail?  What?!  I looked closer.  She wasn't snarling!  She was SMILING!  I brought her out.  Tim saw the smile and was hooked.  Once again, we didn't adopt the greyhound, the greyhound adopted us.
I would like to say Truly fell in love with her, too.  Not exactly, but he tolerates her in the same way that the older brother tolerates the younger sister.  So Skiddy Amber, renamed "Maggie" by Tim, came home with us.
Here she is:

Two year-old Skiddy Amber (nka Maggie) finds her Forever Home, 9-26-09.

About potato chips, they say, "No one can have just one."  Well, they also say, "No two potato chips are exactly alike."  Ain't it the truth. 

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