Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yes, His Name is Truly

When we took VE’s First Choice inside the kennel to complete the adoption paperwork, the SEGA volunteer asked for his new name. “It’s Truly,” I said. Tim and the volunteer looked at me. “Yes, Truly.  T-r-u-l-y.” I thought spelling it might help them understand. The volunteer smiled and said something like, “Well . . . Truly. O.K. That’s a great name!” Tim knew I had already chosen that name, but I guess he thought I’d change it since we were adopting a boy. (Remember, it’s my birthday, so I had the honor of naming the new one.)
I had chosen the name Truly years ago. I was watching a movie and one of the main characters was named Truly. She was a loving and gentle soul. Another character said of her, "There's never been anyone with a truer heart than that one."  I thought then that when I finally had the chance to have another dog, I’d name him/her Truly. Gender didn’t really matter to me.
Now, this particular greyhound weighed 78 pounds the day we got him. You could feel the very well-defined and developed muscles under his skin. He is both an athlete and a big baby – tongue hanging out, smiling and all. To most people, another name would have been more fitting - Bruno, Buster, anything else. But to me, and despite the premise of Johnny Cash's song "Boy named Sue," he became my Truly.
Just look at that face. Truly perfect.

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