Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Greyfest, Part II - Truly Behaving Badly

When we brought Truly home from the adoption kennel, he was very clear - he was retired.  He hated being crated and he never ran. 

Then we went to the 2009 Greyfest in October. As I described in my earlier Greyfest post, when the "Blur of Fur" began and the squawkers sounded, both Truly and Maggie became maniacs.  In case you don't know, "Blur of Fur" works like this:  The hounds are held on one end of a straight track.  At the other end, someone sounds a squawker (squirrel call) and swings a fleece toy hanging from the end of a pole.  The hounds are released, one by one.  As they run the track toward the squawker and toy, their speed is determined by a radar gun.

Last year, we were stunned by Truly's and Maggie's behavior when they heard the squawker.  They lurched, squirmed and barked and did everything they could do to get away from us and to the fleece toy.  It was clear that the sound was the stimulus they needed to run.

This year, we bought our "Blur of Fur" tickets early so Truly and Maggie could be at the front of the line.  The plan was to let them run and then leave the area to prevent them from getting so "worked up."  Truly was number four and Maggie was number five.  Tim took them to the start line and I went to the finish line to wait for them with their leashes.  As hound number three, Titus, made it half-way to the finish line, I saw a blur behind him.  I took a second look.  It was a hound pounding down the track behind Titus.  That hound really looked like Truly.  OMG!  That hound is Truly!  I see Tim at the end of the track trying to hold on to Maggie.  

Truly reaches my end of the track and he's behaving like a nut!  He slipped his martingale collar to get away from Tim.  He's snorting and prancing and lunging at the fleece toy.  All of us are trying to grab him and he's having fun evading us!  And he knows he's evading us.

Then, he's caught.  I'm holding him by his regular collar and waiting for Maggie.  The squawker sounds for Maggie and here she comes.  And there goes Truly, again!  He's slipped his regular collar and he's chasing the fleece toy.  Now, he has no collar at all.  I could just see him jumping a fence with no identification.  With the help of about four people, I finally manage to get Truly back and put his collar on. 

I grab Maggie from another friendly person and hurry off the field.

Truly brought the entire "Blur of Fur" to a halt with his antics, but I was so glad to have him back.

We like "Blur of Fur," but considering the effect it has on Truly, we may take a leisurely walk in the other direction next year - that is, if we get invited back!

P.S. - I have previously indicated that little Maggie might not have been a good racer because she gets distracted.  It is only fitting to note that Maggie was clocked at an amazing 41 miles per hour Saturday!  No distraction this time.  Way to go, Maggie, but remember - you only run for fun now!  


  1. LOL, Set wishes he knew how to slip his collar. The last Greyfest we went to I had to put him in the car during the blur of fur. He was such a pain to deal with while they were 'teasing' him with the fleece on a stick.
    Go Maggie! At least her brother didn't get in the way of her victory :)

  2. I think we need to get some of those "noise canceling headphones" for Truly and Maggie! We'll only take them off when it's their turn to run!

  3. Teasing! That's it exactly and he can't stand it, he's just got to give it a run. So, in the car or noise canceling headphones - we'll find a "fix" for next time.