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Monday, April 12, 2010

Soap Box Derby

We're fortunate to have a growing neighborhood association and a local government interested in promoting life in the historic district. The College Hill Corridor Commission "seeks to improve safety, walkability, aesthetics, and community within the Corridor by supporting local businesses; redesigning and improving parks and sidewalks; and creatively programming the Corridor's features.  The Corridor is the main thoroughfare between Macon's only urban collegiate campus and downtown.  It also is the path connecting many of Macon's oldest and most diverse intown neighborhoods" as described by the CHC website.

Sunday afternoon was the best event ever - we had good old-fashined Soap Box Derby!

Brunch, a band
and sunshine -
what more could
we ask?

I've lived here forever
and I've never seen 
this many folks in the

A racer heads down
the hill.

I did a better job
taking photos as
the cars were pulled
up the hill.

What day in the
park would be
complete without
the Brindle Kids?

Certainly not this 
day . . .

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  1. A great day at the park with Those Brindle Kids!