Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pet Rescue Day

This was a busy weekend!  Saturday we took the Brindle Kids to the Warner Robins Tractor Supply for a BIG Pet Rescue Day event.  I have to give a fond "shout out" to Tractor Supply because they were very kind to all of us with pets in-tow.   We were in and out of the store all day visiting the drink machines, water fountains and restrooms.
I had no idea of the variety of "pets" that would be on-site.  Neither did Truly and Maggie.  Truly was a little "anxious" (not scared, mind you) of some of the animals he had not seen before:

Maggie says, 
"What is that?"

Oh, it's a llama!

This was as close as
Maggie would get to
the mini horse.

Truly and Maggie
both enjoyed the chickens.
In fact, they seemed to
enjoy the chickens a
little too much . . .

Well, those are all the photos I can post because after this picture, my camera battery died.  But there was a lot more to see and a bunch of good opportunities to promote greyhound adoption through Greyhounds Galore.  A perfect day!

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  1. Truly is just a little more cautious than Maggie!