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Thursday, September 6, 2012


June 27, we were advised via the SEGA listserv that Daisy got out of the fence at her home in northern Georgia and was lost.  Her parents and the SEGA network flew into action to find her.  We received regular updates via the listserv with sightings, flyers and posters were placed all over town, and volunteers spent hours looking for her and trying everything they could think of to help.

Daisy is one very lucky girl!  About three weeks later, on July 19, her Dad was placing food in an area Daisy had previously been seen.  He saw movement in the woods and found her there, lying down.  I think it was a miracle.

She was gone a long time and she really needed care.  Her Dad took her straight to the vet. 

Here she is with her Mom after the visit to the vet.  Poor girl weighed only 34 pounds then.  (All photos of Daisy belong to Daisy's Mom and Dad.)

Day 3

Daisy with her Dad after five days back home.

8th day back home.  She's up to 44 pounds.

Her parents were kind to keep us updated on Daisy's progress.  She's back up to full speed now, thank goodness.  We'll get to see her at an upcoming SEGA event.  I can't wait to kiss her little needle nose.
Daisy 53 Lbs - August 6, 2012
The photo above was posted by Daisy's Mom on August 6.  She's only a few pounds shy of her "normal" weight.

As any responsive organization should do, SEGA sent a survey to all members asking how the search process could have been more effective.  Some responded that many of the local municipalities had ordinances prohibiting putting flyers and posters on phone poles.  They do, however, permit the use of those metal and plastic "real estate-type" yard signs.  SEGA asked all members to gather as many of these signs we could find following the recent election cycle.  They plan to keep a stockpile of the signs on hand and pull them out for use as necessary.

Since Daisy's family lives several hours from here, beyond praying and sending good wishes, there wasn't much I could do to help find her.  I felt bad about that.  Killing three birds with one stone, though, Sawyer and I spent the next several weeks riding around in her car collecting signs.  She got lots of driving practice, SEGA will get requested resources, and the signs we collected won't end up in our local landfill.  This effort on our part won't help Daisy, but it may help the next lost hound.  We don't want any baby to be gone that long again.

Recycled yard signs on the way to SEGA.

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  1. I had heard of Daisy's plight. Glad she is doing much better. What a great use for annoying election signs. Now they will actually be put to good use.