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Monday, September 17, 2012

Greyhound Meeting Part 2

Lots of fun last Saturday at the farm!  As I wrote in the part 1 post, the Annual meeting is just that - a chance for greyhounds and their people to meet at beautiful SummerWind Farm. 

The horses of SummerWind usually share the Farm with their 13 greyhound brothers and sisters.  On Saturday, they shared it with about 50 greyhound guests.  Here are some of the visitors:

Here's special guest, Daisy, the hound who was lost for 3 weeks before her Dad found her and brought her home.  She's 100% now and none the worse for the wear.
Here's special guest, Hope.  Hope is a young, mixed greyhound who a SEGA member saw advertised for sale on Craig's List - even with a severely broken leg.  A SEGA-friendly vet intervened and was able to get her released to his clinic where he provided substantial surgery and treatment.  She has just had the external fixator hardware removed from the right, front injured leg.  She's happily living with a loving foster family until she finds her forever home.
After a tasty meal, we had time to shop.  We bought some really nice jewelry (earrings for me and a ring for Saw).  We got some EMT Gel and stiptic powder for our canine first aid kits.   We got this neat mailbox topper.  It won't work on our mailbox, but we'll find something else fun to do with it.

Tim purchased the 2013 Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar.  Once we got home, I looked at the calendar pages and was excited to find some familiar faces among the greyhound models.
From Virginia, there's Angela's and Tracy's 'Buford' and his little human sister and their 'Puddin Pop' (on the back cover no less!) from Angela's blog, Treasure What You Have.  There's Trina's and Jason's beloved 'Henry' from Trina's blog, My ROO Spot.  And Kristen's and Gyeong's 'Stella' from Gyeong's blog, genji's corner  From Georgia's SEGA, there's Lisa's and Jon's 'Drew' with snow on his nose.

Oh, and I can't forget the Costa Rican coffee and wine purchases.
In case you're thinking we're spend thrifts, we really are not.  Participating venders generously donate portions of their proceeds to SEGA. 
Win /Win.


  1. What a great place to hold the event. Glad Daisy and Hope are doing well now.

  2. What a gorgeous location! Reminds me of the fun we have every year at MGPS' annual open house weekend. Our spot isn't remotely as beautiful as this though.

  3. What a great place for a reunion! I'm glad a good time was had by all! :)