Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Everyday Job

I've found that it's a bad idea to have two, now three, large dogs in a very small yard and not participate in pooper scooping multiple times every day.  First, the, uh, fragrance outside can become overwhelmingly noxious.  Second, Those Brindle Kids don't always look at what they're stepping on/in while they're in the yard and they sure don't wipe their feet before they come in.  Therefore, the fragrance inside (as well as any floors, rugs, beds, etc., he/she steps on before I can catch him/her and clean up the mess) can become noxious, too.

I LOVE this thing! I bought it in 2006 and it still works perfectly.

For some reason, Truly and Maggie prefer not to be on ground level when the pooper scooping is in progress. 
As soon as I pick up the scooper, they climb the steps and stand and watch me from deck level.
See the looks on their faces?  They seem to be interested, but they won't come down.  Often, once I'm done, they'll come back down the steps . . . maybe to make sure I've done a thorough job?  I don't know.
 Walker doesn't watch me from the deck.  He likes to follow me around the yard - at at distance.
He's my little pooper scooper patrol puppy!


  1. You just got to love poo patrol:)

    Love the looks on their faces.

  2. I like it when I have my poopie patrol entourage :) What's worse? A small yard that fills up quickly, or a big yard where you might miss half of their little presents?

  3. Ha ha ha! Well, somebody has to be down at ground level to be quality control!