Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Photos from the Farm

I didn't know a professional photographer was at the SEGA Annual Meeting at the Farm held last month.  Imagine my excitment when I was looking through some recently posted SEGA Facebook photos and found some pics of Those Brindle Kids!

Here's my Maggie girl!

Maggie's on the right

I suspect THIS is why Maggie was retired when she was barely two.  She took a couple of spins around the field and dropped to the ground.  I thought she was hurt.  She wasn't.  She just liked laying in the cool grass.

She won't get up.  Crazy girl.

This one really wanted Tim to take that muzzle off.

That's Truly running with a black hound and a fawn hound.

Tim's going to see why Truly stopped running and started limping.

Truly's had enough.

My earlier post, Truly's Leg, described what happened as a result of that field injury.  The big bruise is gone now and he can't wait to go on his daily walks - so all is well again.  I'm glad to have these photos!  :)


  1. Those pictures are great! Maggie reminds me of our first Greyhound, Treat. She would walk around and sniff every blade of grass, then she'd make one lap around the park at top speed, and after that she'd stretch out in the grass to sunbathe.

  2. Yep. That's her! She either runs 40+ miles an hour or runs the wrong way because she's distracted by an interesting smell.

  3. Lovely to see Greys running.

  4. I love seeing pics of my kids that other people took. We have our group picnic this weekend. Hoping to get some good pics.