Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bed Space

I'm starting to wonder if it's really necessary to invest a small fortune in the super-sized beds for Those Brindle Kids.  They've started using only about half of the bed:


Foster-Boy Walker using less than half -
Even Squirm the Worm does it.

What's going on here?!  Have they collectively found flaws in each of these beds or could it be that I'm being punk'd by three greyhounds?


  1. I think they're trying to tell you that the beds are not big enough :)

  2. If you get smaller beds, they'll turn you in to the Greyhound adoption authorities! Best not take the chance! lol

  3. Polly and Song before her seem to often lay half in and half out of the bed. Looks uncomfortable.

  4. I rather think they may be punking you. The worm is especially suspect.

  5. Greyhounds are definitely silly that way! It always makes me laugh at their crazy positions on beds. Glad you are blogging again, I followed you a long time ago but then I thought you gave up on the blog - it's a little late, but welcome back :)