Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Exciting News!

I've often said that I regret that we live so far away from the main SEGA site in north Georgia.  Living about two hours away makes it hard to be as helpful to the organization as I'd like to be. 

We participate in hound hauls as needed, send donations when we can, and spread the word about greyhounds making great pets everywhere we go.  Considering the efforts of the SEGA volunteers, what we do pales in comparison.

I was reading the messages on the SEGA listserv about two weeks ago and saw that Fying Gawker or Walker, as he is now known, needs a foster home.

Flying Gawker, nka Walker, our first foster hound!
Walker has been living for the past three months with a very active SEGA volunteer, but she has a full schedule of travel coming up, so she needs to find a foster home for him while he's waiting for his forever home.  I learned a lot about him through e-mail and phone conversations.  He needed a foster home with other greyhounds, and ours is the home of Those Brindle Kids, so we went to pick him up last Friday.
Walker bowing

He loves to be outside
To answer the first question I was asked by a friend:  No.  I did not choose to foster Walker because he's brindle in color.  The fact that he is a brindle is purely coincidental.  It is strikingly convenient, though, considering the name of this blog.  :) 

We didn't choose Truly or Maggie based on color.  Truly chose us.  Maggie chose us.  Both times we went to the adoption kennel we had totally different hounds in mind.  I do understand the question because I've heard of those people who adopt dogs because their color matches the sofa, rug or draperies.  Then when they redecorate, and if the dog's color no longer coordinates, the dog goes off to the pound.  (I have a strongly held belief that there is a special circle of hell reserved for these kind of folks.)

To answer the first question Tim asked me:  No.  I am not looking to adopt Walker.  He is a beautiful boy who needs care until his "forever family" finds him.  If we foster Walker, he doesn't go back to the kennel which leaves room for more greyhounds coming in off the track.  If he stays with us, he continues the acclimation process.  Meanwhile, we get to enjoy him.  Win, win, win!


  1. I loved fostering when we were able to do it! It's a great thing for the hounds and when you see him at next year's reunion picnic, he'll wag his tail off when he sees you! :) Congratulations and have fun with him!

  2. Well done youy for fostering Walker. I know he will be very happy with you, but I hope his foreverf home comes along soon.

  3. Congrats on your first foster. What do Truly and Maggie think of this?

  4. That is a wonderful thing you are doing but I wonder if you'll be a successful fosterer. The world is full of stories about hounds who started out as fosters and never got any further :-)