Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Assorted Good Stuff

For the first time ever, Walker took his after dinner treat OUT OF MY HAND tonight!  Normally, I hold it out for him hoping he'll take it.  He hasn't wanted to, so I always end up putting it on floor for him.  He'll then come over and pick it up.  But tonight, he surprised me.  Took it right out of my hand! 
You're growing every day, Walker!
Driving along Eisenhower Parkway, I see a tiny speck in the sky.  I took these photos while stopped at different red lights.
A blimp! 

We never see blimps around here. 
This is Maggie in Sawyer's new-used car.  It's Maggie's first trip without Truly.  She was anxious without him at first.  Lots of whining as we drove to Bass Pro Shop.  Once we were inside and she began to be adored by everyone, she was fine.

It's O.K. Maggie.  They're gonna love you!
Why didn't Truly get to go to Bass Pro Shop?  Because Walker is a "house dog" and I didn't want to leave him home alone.  Truly stepped up like the perfect big brother he is and agreed to stay with Walker.  They both got treats for being good while we were gone.

Truly and Maggie in identical states of repose.  Note:  I did not make them do this.  They do this kind of thing all the time.

State of Repose shot 1

State of Repose shot 2
 Tim asked me not to put this on Facebook.  I didn't.

Even Truly loves Squirm the Worm 1.  He does not care much for Squirm 2.

Walker wearning his brand new 'Those Brindle Kids' collar.
Walker shot 1

Walker shot 2

My brother lives "out in the country."  This baby buzzard walked up to his back porch.
I've seen many buzzards.

But never a baby and never one so friendly.
A brillant rainbow.  I told Sawyer it ended at her school - which meant that her education is like the proverbial pot of gold.    She said it did not end at her school but at the landfill several miles away. 

Thinking of getting this tattoo for my 50th birthday.  Yes or No?
If I get this, I want Big Daddy Don to make the black part brown and the white parts black in honor of Those Brindle Kids.


  1. I bet Maggie adored being the star at Bass Pro! Bunny certainly does. I wonder if Walker would be game to try it if he had the two of them with him for moral support. I'm glad he had Truly to hang with, though! We used to laugh about our first two hounds doing the same pose, and Blueberry and Lilac (who was her mother) used to do mirror image poses all the time. It was uncanny!

  2. I think Walker realised that you were now his and so he took the treat from your hand.

    Love the photos.

    I was thinking how I'd have liked a tattoo of a Greyhound for my 50th, but as I am Diabetic I can't:(

  3. Once Walker realized he was really part of the pack, he must've felt comfortable enough to take treats from your hand. I bet Walker will soon be joining Truly and Maggie in synchronized reposing. My wife and most of her greyhound gals have greyhound tattoos (surprisingly, no guys). I think it would be quite fitting to have a brindle hound tattoo.

  4. I am so excited that Walker took a treat out of your hand! That is amazing progress. I am so excited! I still hope in time, someday he'll be game to try some outings with Truly and Maggie. I know it's probably too soon to try but I still hope someday :) Truly is such a good boy to stay home and keep Walker company. Too funny on the tattoo. My 50th is coming up and I keep saying I want to get. Greyhound tattoo also. Will just have to see if I'm brave enough. I want mine to be in the stretched out running pose. I wanted one on my ankle like as an anklet but I heard bony places hurt a lot. Hmmmm...just have to think about it some more. We all will want to see a photo of yours if you get it. When is your birthday?

    1. My birthday is in July - so I have from now until then to work up the nerve to do it!