Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Early Christmas Presents for Those Brindle Kids

Walker had visitors a couple of weeks ago - a very pretty fawn boy named Whip and his parents. We all had a good visit. Walker enjoyed meeting them and wore himself out playing with Whip, running around the yard, and being petted all afternoon.

We were happily surprised last week when we opened the mail and found that Whip and his parents sent presents for Walker, Truly and Maggie - beautiful new Christmas collars!

The note enclosed in the package said that Walker's collar has super powers to help him be brave and continue to try new things. 
Look, it's working!  Walker came right up to me to sniff the camera!

Here's Maggie modeling her collar:
And Truly:

Now here are all three:
Walker, Truly, Maggie and me in the back trying to set up the shot.
Maggie, Truly and Walker

We seem to be losing interest in modeling.  Can you tell it's their dinner time?
Now that the kids have these lovely, festive collars, they're ready for Christmas.  This act of kindness has given me the Christmas spirit, too. 

Just in case you didn't already know - greyhound people are the very BEST people!


  1. Oh, all three of you look fantastic! Now you just need to pose in front of the tree. I love your new collars!


  2. What festive collars. Walker does look braver.

  3. Unexpected presents in the mail are the best kind! And the kids look so fetching in their new Christmas duds!