Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sock Monkey

Walker the foster hound is suffering a bit from melancholia.  He said he's very happy to be living temporarily with Those Brindle Kids but he really, really hoped to have his forever home for the holidays.  I assured him that he could stay here with us until his special family finds him.  I thought that might help him feel better.  It didn't. 

Upon closer questioning, I discovered the real problem.  Walker does want a forever home - but more than anything else - he wants to get away from Maggie.  He says she's mean to him.  He gave me an example.  It all started with Sock Monkey.

Since Maggie has appropriated Walker's toy, Squirm the Worm, I brought Sock Monkey home for Walker.  He loves Sock Monkey.  Here he is with his new friend:
Walker with Sock Monkey
Walker is such a sweet boy.  He loves his toys.  He likes to carry them gently around.  He doesn't abuse them, unlike another hound he knows who likes to take them apart piece by piece.
So Walker was laying on the dining room floor, quietly talking with Sock Monkey.  Maggie came to see what he was doing, turned around and went to the living room to get Squirm.  She brought Squirm into the dining room.
Walker with Sock Monkey and Maggie with Squirm.
By outward appearances, this looks like a picture of Greyhound Happiness. 
According to Walker, there's more to this story than meets the eye.
Walker explained that all of a sudden Maggie ran to the front door telling Walker that the Special Greyhound Treat Man was on the porch and he had free bully sticks.  Of course, Walker ran to the front door, too.  He wanted a bully stick!  But no one came in the door.  There were no treats of any kind.  Walker looked around to get an explanation from Maggie and found himself standing alone in the foyer.  Oh, it's not all bad, though, Walker said to himself.  He remembered Sock Monkey and ran back to the dining room.  At least, he said, I still have Sock Monkey! 

This is what he saw:

Maggie has - - - SOCK MONKEY!

"Oh, no!"  Walker said.
Walker tried to distract Maggie's attention from Sock Monkey.  He said, "Look, here's Squirm!"

His attempt to get Sock Monkey back didn't work.  Maggie just ignored him.

Then Maggie took Sock Monkey to the living room.
This is what Maggie is said to have been doing with Sock Monkey in the living room.  Her tail action, as described by Walker, indicates her glee.

Maggie's finished playing with Sock Monkey.  But she didn't give him back to Walker.
Walker told me all of this through little Greyhound tears.  He begged, literally begged, me to find a forever home - not for him but for Maggie!  I just can't believe my sweet, precious, little Cindy-Lou-Who brindle girl would ever behave in the manner described by Walker. 

If only there was some evidence (maybe a photo or two - maybe a video?) to back up Walker's story . . .


  1. Um, Maggie, Santa's watching, and he sees everything! Even videos on the internet. I'm not sure you have a brother or foster brother there at your house willing to go and talk to the jolly old elf and beg for leniency for you (unlike a certain black tornado), so I suggest you be on your best behavior. I really think you need a lot more Squirm the Worms and Sock Monkeys at your house!


  2. Walker, I so wish I could have you, as I am sure Polly would let you keep your toys and even share hers with you. Hang in their handsome lad, as I am sure your forever home is just around the corner.

  3. Once the word gets out how Maggie is treating you, I'm sure a nice family will step forward to offer you a forever home. Remember to take your sock monkey with you.