Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Walker and the Rain Rug

We live in an old, old house. 
Decorated for Christmas
Sometimes, when it rains really hard the roof leaks.  We've tried, over and over again, to have it repaired but the "fix" never seems to work for long.  I have acquired a special "the-roof's-going-to-leak-rug" for rainy occasions. 

Yesterday and last night were two of these occasions.  I put the rug in its usual place.
The "rain" rug is the red one behind Truly.
Walker did what no Brindle Kid ever did before.  He went over there and took a nap on the rain rug.

Walker was almost under the Christmas Tree.
He left the nearby bed unoccupied.

Tim says there's a reason why Walker did that.  He says Walker layed under the tree because Walker is the best Christmas present ever. 

Awww . . . !


  1. He is a handsome lad and I am so glad he's a keeper:)

  2. I think Walker is beautiful, and his colors show up beautifully on the red rain rug!

  3. I had a feeling Walker would be a Brindle Kid! And as far as Christmas presents go, he's not too shabby!

  4. Obviously Walker knew it was the rain rug because as you all and I know, he doesn't mind standing out in the rain :)