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Monday, January 21, 2013

Great News For Hounds x 3

First, the little foundling, Murphy, has been adopted by a SEGA family!  He's thought to be about 4 months old.  Someone just dumped him.  It's not known for sure that he's 100% greyhound, but according to greyhound experts, he really looks like he's all hound.  Fortunately, Walker's first foster Mom was alerted to his situation.  She agreed to keep him until she could find him a home here or until Road Trip Home Animal Rescue could arrange to get him transportation to Maine/Massachusetts.  
Photo from Team Zero Gravity
Murphy now has a loving forever home with a greyhound brother who looks just like him!  Thank goodness for Road Trip Home Animal Rescue, the people who found Murphy, the family who adopted him and his foster Mom who worked tirelessly to help him. 

Second, I wrote about Daisy in December.  Daisy was a pretty fawn girl who was lost for 22 days before she was found.  Shortly thereafter, she died of cancer.  I just found out that her heartbroken family recently adopted another greyhound.

This is their new boy:
Breeder's Cup

I think Daisy would be happy to know that her family has opened their home and hearts to this hound.  He's only a year old.   They'll have a long and happy life together.

Third, I was scared when I read a SEGA listserv message late last Wednesday night.  A kill shelter notified SEGA that a female greyhound was turned in and she had only one day left.  The message went out for someone to go to the shelter and get her.  By the time I figured out how to rearrange my work schedule, several other people had already stepped up.

A SEGA volunteer got her and delivered her to the adoption kennel the next morning.  According to her tattoos, her name is Red Floyd.  She's 7 years old.  She's a beautiful girl who will surely find a forever home through SEGA.  This photo is from SEGA.

Sorry all the text below Breeder's Cup photo is published as a caption.  I can't fix it.  No worries! I'm just happy to have been able to insert the photos into the post!  :)


  1. It's so nice to hear of hounds being kept safe and wonderful people taking care of them and then their forever homes coming along. I am sure Red Flyod will soon be in her home.

  2. What greyt news to start my Monday morning.

  3. I was so sad to hear about Daisy too. Poor girl. Adorable puppy, but puppies are not for me. I'm too old for that!

  4. Yay! If that pup had made it to Maine, I might have had to add a 3rd to our group! OK that's just crazy talk. Glad he got a family. It's nice to read about some wins once in a while.

  5. That does sound like great news for hounds! I'm glad that there have been so many happy endings, or maybe I should say, fantastic new chapters started! Murphy certainly looks all Greyhound to me, and I've taken care of some pretty young puppies before. He'll keep his family on their toes for a while! lol

  6. Muphy's new family reports that he is doing great and super duper smart. As he continues to grow, he looks to be a greyhound shepherd mix--which would actually be an excellent combination. His new family doesn't care. They adore him and he and his big brindle Greyhound brother, Martin are having a ball together!