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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Here's The Situation . . .

About three weeks ago, I sat down one night to compose my regular blog post.  At the point that I wanted to insert a photo, I clicked the "Insert Image" icon as usual.  When I got to the "Select a File" page, the little box that allowed me to upload a file from my computer had disappeared.

After several hours of trying different things resulted in zero progress, I finally quit.  Web searches and appeals to blogging experts yielded some suggestions and I tried again.  Nope.

You must understand, I can barely figure out how to turn the computer on by myself so blogging really has been a happy victory for me.  The day I figured out how to capture AND insert a video into a post I was so excited that we went out to dinner to celebrate.  (Tim and Sawyer don't know that's the reason I insisted we go out - but it was.)

Nothing helped me with the "Insert Image" problem.  My loving husband tried to help me resolve the issue by taking me to the store and buying me A NEW iPad!  It's a really nice one with Retina Display (I honestly thought that meant that I had to somehow allow it to scan my eyeball in order to use it - kind of like a high tech password.)

Unfortunately the iPad offers me two new challenges.  1.  The Blogger Ap I downloaded works great if you want to publish posts with all words or if you want to put a single picture at the end of the text.  It won't allow me to intersperse the photos among the text.  Also, you must limit the text to no more than about two paragraphs.  2.  If I avoid the Blogger Ap and approach my blog directly through Safari, I can add photos but only if I upload the photos to Picasa.  I still can't upload the photos directly from the iPad which is problematic because Picasa will only take about half of the photos I want to upload.  Again, I must limit the length of my post and the one photo to just what will fit in the "Compose" window because anything that extends below the initial box disappears.

I am using the good, old Dell  to compose this post.  Surely there is something I'm missing here.  I hope to have it all worked out soon.  Meanwhile, Maggie says she hopes I figure it out.  She wants more air time, and for right now, she wants to go to bed.  Can you tell?
Sleepy Maggie


  1. Can't help with the iPad as I've not got one.

    I use a Dell desktop, but I cannot put photos into my posts as I use to using Compose. I have to use the HTML button instead.

    Love the photos of Maggie:)

  2. Haven't tried it on the iPad yet. Sometimes hard enough to do on my Mac laptop. I used to write it up in MacJournal then export straight Blogger. So easy. Then one day it stopped taking the photos. So now I go to the blogger site and create a new post there then 'insert photo' then 'upload' then 'choose file', and that still seems to work for me. I'm guessing it's something going on at Blogger, since it sounds like your not the only one seeing this issue.

  3. I don't use Blogger anymore, but I've read of several people having the problem of not being able to insert photos on Blogger sites. I'm starting to use the iPad some for my blog posts, but I do the picture insertion from the laptop most of the time. Have you looked to see if there are any easier apps for Blogger updating than the one they use as their official one?

  4. I think they have changed Blogger so you have to use Picasa, which, gee wiz, is part of Google +. Hmmmmm....looks like a conspiracy to me!