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Monday, January 7, 2013

Pearly's Back Home!

SEGA hound KB's Pearl Eyes, now known as Pearl, got out of her fence New Year's Day, (Tuesday). 

Yesterday (Sunday), after days of searching, Pearl was found.  She was in eyesight of the search party volunteers, but she was too scared to come to them.

A volunteer called Pearl's Dad, Chris, an Atlanta police officer.  He came right away, knelt down and called her, and now Pearly is back home! 

All past and future photos will suffer in comparison to this one.  It is the sweetest photo I've ever seen. 

Pearl and her Dad, Chris.
Photo courtesy of Denise Frank.


  1. That is a very sweet photo! I'm glad she was found safe and sound!

  2. Thank goodness. That is the third story of a lost greyhound I have heard about in the last few weeks that ended well! So happy for Chris and Pearl.

  3. Awesome! I was watching her story on facebook via the Greyhound Amber Alert. It seems there are so many greys getting lose these days.

  4. So glad she was found safe and is back where she belongs.

  5. Whew! Glad she came back sae and sound. I hope they frame that picture.

  6. I was so relieved. It was the best news I had had in a while-- aside from you all adopting Walker ;)

  7. I love the picture of Pearl with the police officer. Great job by all!