Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Those Brindle Kids endured the New Year's Eve celebration.  We didn't take them to the big party downtown because Truly gets very anxious when he hears any noise he thinks is thunder.

We had fun watching the ball drop on TV.  Even though we were at home, the fireworks, guns, firecrackers, etc., still caused Truly to be nervous.  Maggie usually reacts sympathetically to Truly so she was anxious, too.  Fortunately, Walker, the dog who is anxious by nature, wasn't bothered at all by the booms, pops and cracks from the celebration.  Go figure.

This morning, all the dogs wanted to sleep late.  They didn't come downstairs with me as they usually do.  I got them all to wake up by asking if they wanted "to go outside?"  They said, "Yes!"

Once outside, Walker and Maggie had a game of chase.  Walker is in front with Maggie at his heels. 
The huffing and puffing you hear is Walker.  He sounds like a freight train when he's running. 

Notice Truly is not to be seen?  That's because my mild-manned gentleman doesn't like too much running in his backyard.  He steps up to put a stop to the madness --  sometimes with too much authority.  I let him go back in the house before the races begin.

Later this afternoon, I came into the living room and found Truly and Walker in similar poses in front of the fireplace with Maggie staring them down.  She wanted someone to get up and give her a fluffy bed.  She was holding Sock Monkey hostage until she got what she wanted.  It didn't work.

Maggie's stages a Sock Monkey Stare Down
It was fun to spend the first day of 2013 with Tim, Sawyer and Those Brindle Kids.  Back to work and school tomorrow.  The dogs will probably be happy for the peace and quiet.    :)


  1. Maggie and Walker certainly get along outside! lol It sounds like you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I guess the boys are a unified front in the face of Miss Maggie, though!

  2. Lynn, Had to smile at the video. Loving the photos of your three beautiful Greys.

    Hope work wasn't too much of a shock today.

  3. It's like they were reliving their days at the track. Every household had a fun police.

  4. Two of those laps and Blue and Bettina would be done! Walker and Truly look a bit like andirons for your fireplace. A matching pair.