Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sweater for Maggie

I seem to be making a lot of trips to PetSmart lately - feeding 200 pounds of dog requires it. While I was shopping for the food, Pill Pockets and treats, I found the 75% off rack.  There was one extra-large sweater.  It appeared to be the proper size for Maggie.  I bought it.

Upon my arrival at home, Maggie tried it on.  It's not the most handsome garment I've ever seen but, hey, it was 75% off!
Poor, poor Maggie.  I do not think she likes her new sweater.
Truly gives it a good sniff.
We think Truly  is beseeching Sawyer to remove the sweater.
We think Maggie is beseeching Sawyer to remove the sweater.
We think Walker is consoling his big sister.  "I'm sorry, Maggie."
Evaluation:  Maggie did not want to wear the sweater.  She said it made her feel fat.

In the interest of her self-esteem, I took it off.  What else is a good mother to do especially considering it's almost 60 degrees outside.  :)


  1. At least it will keep you warm in the cold weather Maggie (and it was 75% off :)
    Lynne x

  2. When the temps drop it will be just the thing and they will be fighting over it:)

  3. Maybe she'd like it more if you told her you paid full price and had to fight a crowd of people for it :) Went from 60 on Friday to freezing and snow this weekend. Bet that sweater is looking better now.

  4. 75% off is almost impossible to resist, regardless.

  5. Wow - great bargain! And she looks good in it, too!

    Sid hates coats, and if he must wear something he prefers the sweater-type garment despite having to balance on two legs (+ me) to get it on. Jeffie accepts anything and everything. He'd be perfectly happy - even though it has girly hearts on it!

    However, Jeffie has inherited a multitude of garments from the various dogs we've had over the years, so I won't be buying him any more in a hurry!

  6. Maggie, it looks nice on you and it was 75% off. ;-)

  7. LOL--maybe she's a label kind of girl ;)