Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Monday, February 4, 2013

I Love Sundays

Tim made pancakes for breakfast Sunday morning.

Here's Sawyer's special pancake:
Sawyer's very "into" Marilyn Monroe.  This is Tim's take on a Marilyn pancake.
My pancakes were not in any special shape - but they were very good!

We went to the store to get Sawyer a new bike.  She outgrew the old one.  She wants to ride it at the Riverwalk.  I think the bike will bring some interesting exercise opportunities for Those Brindle Kids.  More to come on this subject.

Why is there so much laundry for me to iron this time?  Walker and Maggie didn't mind.  They hung around in the extra room with me watching TV and napping while I did my chores.

Walker had to occasionally turn his eyes away from the Walking Dead marathon.  

Maggie didn't.  She loves zombies.
While making dinner, I dropped a piece of broccoli on the floor.  Truly came out of nowhere and gobbled it up.
Hounds like broccoli?
Maggie came in and wanted a piece, too.  Truly wanted more.  I need to find out if it's o.k. for them to have broccoli before I give them any more of it.
Broccoli eatin' dogs.
Later in the day, I walked into the kitchen and wondered why the laundry room door was open.  I saw this little gray brindle face looking at me.

Maggie wants to go outside.
Maggie wanted to go outside because she knew it was "turkey neck day" and she knows she eats turkey necks outside.
Truly and his turkey neck.
 Sorry for the photo quality of these last two shots.  The sun was shining directly at me.
Maggie and her turkey neck.

Walker and his turkey neck.
There were no pancakes this morning but there are only five more days 'til Sunday.  Saturdays aren't bad either!


  1. I'm pretty sure broccoli is safe for canine consumption! Our dogs aren't vegetable fans, though. I've been fooled too many times when they look hopefully at the carrots, then shred them to confetti and spit them on the floor!

  2. My dad's staffie will eat anything:) Polly is keen to try things, but often drops it on the floor with a look at me as if to say 'why did you think I would like that disgusting thing?'

    We have Pancake Day here soon, but if dad and I have any they will be bought ones. Pancakes and omelletes I just can't make.

  3. Did the broccoli cause gas? Too much of it could be really bad. LOL

    Looks like you had a very fun Sunday, Brindle Kids!

  4. Hello...Just coming over for the first time and very happy to meet you. Lovely pancake artistry! We have 3 greys but haven't tried too many vegetables. My two girls like green beans, but Casper, our boy, just sniffs them and walks away. I was interested to read about your adventures with turkey necks. I've been wanting to start that.

  5. I love seeing and reading the activities of the "family", both human and extrahuman. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. That was quite the busy day. I will have to see if my kids eat broccoli. My kids too are very good at helping with chores by just lounging around the vicinity.

  7. You have broccoli-eating dogs? Hahahaha! That's funny!

    Broccoli is fine for dogs, apart from the gas issue, which is our problem, not theirs! I sometimes put left over broccoli into the dogs' stew (for add-ins) but they leave it in the bowl if they possibly can, which OH says shows great sense and good taste. Me, I love the stuff!

    Maggie is very smart. Isn't it amazing how they know which day it is?

  8. Hi there
    Gyeong sent me a link to your blog, you have some very lovely hounds!
    Looking forward to hearing from you, my email is:


    Thanks again, Lynne

  9. I love seeing Walker on the bed. That's another thing he would not have felt comfortable doing before. He just looks so happy. Tell him I don't like walking dead zombies either ;) Love the pancakes. Too funny that they like broccoli. Cori will eat pretty much anything but I haven't trieed broccoli yet. She eats pineapple :)

    I know they enjoy their turkey necks!