Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Black and White Sunday - Shadow Hound

Here's a black and white homage to Yes I Know, My Dogs Look Funny.  This photo of Walker's shadow is reminiscent of her profile photo.  I love to read about her Bettina, Her Royal Highness the Crown Regents of Fussypants, and her Little Boy Blue -

Walker's Shadow
A Dog on His Master by Billy Collins

As young as I look, I am growing older faster than he, seven to one is the ratio they tend to say.

Whatever the number, I will pass him one day and take the lead the way I do on our walks in the woods.

And if this ever manages to cross his mind, it would be the sweetest shadow I have ever cast on snow or grass.


  1. Oh, that is sweet. It just makes me sad to realise how very many people don't think like that, and will never have the close bond with their dogs that we do.

  2. Almost looks like an ancient cave painting.

  3. Great photo, great verse, great post! We love Blue & Bettina too!

  4. Great photo and post. I agree with Gyeong..I thought it was a painting at first!

  5. Quite tring to make me cry ;) I keep making bargains with my guys grow no older.

  6. You and the shadow are profound thinkers!

  7. I love that shot! It's so true, too!

    I love catching up on what Bettina and Blue have been up to!