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Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Favorite Part of Superbowl XLVII

These are two of my new favorite videos of all time!

Budweiser's  The Clydesdales "Brotherhood" - extended version
I hope that my hounds - and all greyhounds - had/have trainers who cared about them.

The shot of the young horse running beside the trainer's truck reminds me so much of my Truly.  I'm not a crier but this video could turn me into one.  :)

Dodge Truck's "God Made a Farmer"
I grew up in close proximity to a family farm.  The life of a farmer, a real farmer, seemed dour . . . and lonely.  He was up and out of the house, then to bed, before everyone else.  The only time he was ever out late was when an animal was sick, hurt or being born.  Then he'd stay out all night and start his farm work the next morning without sleeping.

No vacations, no holidays or sick days, watching the sky and hoping for/against rain, cold, heat - depending on the crop and the time of year.  If he engaged in conversation, it was about the co-op.  Since I didn't know what a co-op was, I didn't pay attention.

He had two dogs - Why and Whynot.  He gave them those names, which I thought was odd because I knew him as a man without a humorous bone in his body.  There was a fair distance between him and everyone in his life - except for those dogs.  I can't think of him without thinking of them.  They went everywhere he went, but not in the house.  They slept on the door steps.

I admit I didn't have much use for him.  I couldn't think of a thing that I could say or do that would interest him - he was always so busy.

One afternoon I saw him at the edge of the corn field.  He was sitting on the ground in the shade of his truck.  He got up and fed those dogs from a container he kept in the truck bed and gave them water from his water jug.  I could hear that he was talking to them.  I couldn't hear what he said but I could tell he was saying a lot.

I liked him after that.  In fact, he's one of the people that I grew to respect most.

This video reminds me of that farmer -


  1. I loved both of those videos, too! I grew up on a farm, the daughter of a dad who grew up on a working farm. Most of my dad's family are working farmers, although ours was more of a hobby farm. My dad is selling the farm this Spring because his Parkinson's is making it too hard for him to keep up with the things that need to be done there -- and I am unbelievably sad over it. They're building a new house in town, but I can't see him being happy there. I also know that there's no way I could afford to buy the farm or for us to be able to maintain it. I think some people are just born to be more in tune with the earth and those people are farmers.

  2. I too thought these were wonderful commercials. I cried over the Clydesdale one. These types of "stories" always turn me to mush.

  3. I love the horse one. There are other ones on YouTube.

  4. Those marketing guys did a great job pulling at our heart strings. Guess a commercial is worthless if you can't remember it. I still won't drink Bud, and I don't need a truck, but I do love the commercials.

  5. Ahhhh h.... that first video did bring a sentimental tear to my eye. That's so sweet, and probably true, too. A horse raised that way would do that, I'm sure.

    And the other. Yes, so true. A farmer's life is a hard one, for sure. Many of my ancestors were farmers, and some relatives still are.

  6. Love both of those commercials. Both make me testy eyed :)