Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dog Food

When we adopted Truly we were encouraged to give him a quality kibble and one that is devoid of corn.  We asked other greyhound families what they used and we selected Nutro.  We've been using it for the almost seven years we've had him.

A 30 lb. bag is $51.00.  That's an expense of about $1,300.00 a year to feed three greyhounds.

Then I read on the SEGA listserv that several greyhound experts recommended a new Costco product, Kirkland's Nature's Domain.

A 35 lb. bag is $36.00.  That's an expense of about $900.00 a year to feed three greyhounds.

Here's the really good part:  Dog Food Advisor rates Nature's Domain slightly higher in quality than Nutro.

Truly, Maggie and Walker like the Nature's Domain kibble.  They still get yogurt, veggies or chicken mixed in occasionally, too.

Truly hears the rustle of the dog food bag.  I thought that door was closed.
He comes to see if a treat is available.
The treat is what I "accidentally" drop on the floor.
Maggie follows Truly into the tiny laundry room.

Walker won't come into the laundry room but he's standing by awaiting his kibble treat.

If I'm not careful, Maggie will stick her head in the kibble stream in order to snag an extra treat.
They' waited patiently -- this time.

What to do with the $400 annual savings?  Maggie said she would like a sister hound . . .


  1. I am in awe! You actually did the math on 3 greyhounds? I'm too scared. Freedom (the brindle) is the one who is first on the scene when a new bag is dumped into the storage container, and she will go in just like Maggie. Alas, we don't have a Costco nearby (sob). I would like to switch to a grain-free food, but I haven't done any research yet.

  2. We feed our dogs Kirkland's Nature's Domain, too. We love the ingredients and we love the price even more!

    With the $400 in savings, I think you should get the greyhound trio a subscription to BarkBox. I adore this company.

  3. We've been feeding Nature's Domain for quite a while now. We love it because Stella, our gastrointestinally challenged girl finally had good poo on it. That's the ultimate test for us. Our Costco only carries the blue bag, Salmon and Sweet Potato.

  4. It is so hard to pick the right food for your hound and one that you can afford. I have tried the more expensive brands, but for a long time now I use the shops cheapest kibble. Both Song and now Polly seem totally fine on it. The vet always commented what good condition Song was in. Polly's coat has improve no end since I had her, which is only just over six months.

  5. Our dogs love when we open up a new bag of food. LOL We have that same container to hold the food. Glad to hear that you found something less expensive. I think you should buy some bully sticks with the savings. LOL

  6. I think they always benefit from a good quality food. That bag is slightly bigger than the one we buy :) We are just about to try a new food for Bridge that is supposed to have good results for dogs with cushings.
    Lynne x

  7. That's a very nice savings! I'm glad you found something that works so well for you. I can think of a lot of things to do with that $400, too! Good luck on the sister, Maggie!

  8. We are always looking for a good quality food that doesn't bankrupt us. We don't have a Costco near us either. I wonder if there is any other way to get it?

  9. I'm looking into ordering it online and having it shipped to save me a trip to Atlanta.

  10. I have never lived in an area where a costco was located. I knew they sold Kirkland dog food, and am glad to know that SEGA recommends it.

  11. LOVE the pictures!! And those grey faces are adorable, especially Truly peeking through the door!

    We found an even better saving after we adopted Jeffie. He really only puts weight on with his old racing kibble, which we now buy from Brambleberry at cost price, which is about a QUARTER of the price of Supadog Sensitive, the kibble we were using before. Sometimes I buy a bag of Supadog Sensitive because Sid likes it and it's lower calorie, but it's tedious making up two different meals and storing two different bags of kibble in the house, so he usually gets 3/4 cup to Jeffie's 1 1/4 cups (these are bigger than the American cups, and we feed twice a day, in case you think we're starving them!).

    By the way, my two spoiled-rotten dogs would turn their noses up at kibble as a treat! They much prefer cheese!

    1. If I actually tried to give them kibble as a treat, they would turn up their noses. But if they can grab something off the floor, they think it's a treat . . . :)

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