Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Friday, March 1, 2013

Why is Maggie Muzzled?

She's the smallest hound I have.  She's cuddly and feminine and sweet and loving.

So why is Maggie muzzled when she goes outside?
Truly and Maggie
She's developed a pattern of strange behavior.

She has to wear the muzzle because she eats these leaves -

from this bush.

Then she goes back inside and vomits those leaves on the rug.  Just for your information, Maggie chooses to deposit the previously eaten leaves NOT on any of the cheap rugs we have.  Instead, she has to do it on the real Persian rug Tim carefully selected during his tour of duty in Turkey.  Of course.

Because Maggie ate them, Truly and Walker started eating the leaves, too.  They vomited, too. Truly and Walker stopped eating leaves.  Maggie didn't.

That's why Maggie is muzzled.

Poor baby.  She thinks this treatment is in violation of her SEGA adoption agreement.


  1. Awww! Maggie, I am sure that IS against your contract! Did you file a grievance yet?

    Just make sure your mom doesn't find out about "stool guards" and you can still eat the leaves through the holes when nobody's looking!


    1. Bunny,
      OMG! STOOL GUARDS! This just KEEPS getting worse and worse -

  2. Isn't it AMAZING how they find that perfect spot to puke for maximum damage. The other day, Nikki was getting ready to chuck something up (thankfully this doesn't happen often) and I got the bright idea to slide a plastic container lid under her nose so she'd throw up on that. Well, it scared her and she swung away right when she was chucking up...so, instead of one spot to clean, I got a nice long line of puke to deal with. Sometimes it's wise to leave well enough alone. That's my new policy.

  3. I once did the same thing with a dust pan when Truly was sick. It worked - until he stuck his foot on the edge of the pan and flipped it over. He stepped in the mess as he walked away. Great. I'm a fan of your policy.

  4. Wonder what the bush is. Good thing Greys don't mind the muzzle.

  5. Glad at least the boys gave up on the leaf eating. I'm not against them eating nasty stuff in the yard, as long as they don't yak it back up in the house.

  6. That is so funny - blo*dy dogs, so typical to throw up on the BEST rug!
    Lynne x

  7. Daft dog!! I have one like that, only he eats fallen leaves along with the grass he grazes on from time to time. And when I say 'fallen leaves', I mean when he comes in and vomits, there can be literally handfuls of dead leaves in it. Silly thing is that he only goes and grazes when his stomach is feeling queasy, so it surprises me that he'll eat whole leaves from the chestnut tree, along with random evergreens which can't possibly do him any good! And yes, he always vomits on carpet. Never the easily-cleanable tile or laminate.

    Do you know what the bush is that Maggie eats? I don't recognise it.

  8. None of us know the name of the plant. It has small, feathery, hot pink blooms in the spring. It's a lovely plant. Just wish I could keep Maggie away from it!

  9. How bizarre that she wants to eat the leaves even though they make her sick. I have those same bushes. So far no one has tried to eat them. Thank goodness!