Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Mini-Me's First Trip

Thanks to my job, I get to participate in some awesome events.  Last week, I got to go to a conference in South Carolina.  I couldn't take Those Brindle Kids with me so, as promised, I took the Mini-Me's.

Our destination was The Citadel.
The conference itself was one of the best I've attended.  The Citadel community - the place and the people - were amazing.
I've worked with college students for more than 20 years.  I have NEVER, EVER been in an auditorium with 1,000 + students without having to intervene in some level of inappropriate behavior. At least, not prior to this trip.  The Citadel cadets are 18 - 21 year old men and women and they take their creed very seriously.
 The campus environment is pristine
 and beautiful
 to include even the doors.
 The famous bell tower.
Another Citadel landmark.  The company that sells the famous Citadel class rings to graduates provides this giant replica each year.  The giant ring sits at the main campus entrance.  Yes, it really is huge.

Another famous Citadel sight - the red and white checkerboard square inside each barracks hall. Lots of hollerin' goes on in this area as "knobs" are initiated into the class system.  I must have heard "Drop and give me 20" at least a couple dozen times.  Notice the creed above the entry arch.
The discipline required of the cadets, along with The Citadel creed, makes events like the Corps Day parade possible.  
Those Brindle Kids Mini-Me's enjoy the lawn at the Citadel just before the parade.

 TBK Mini-Me's and their new friend, The Citadel Bulldog.
 Being this close to the plane scared Maggie.  It didn't scare Truly or Walker.
 Mini-Me's and Annette, the plane.
Another really big Citadel Bulldog statue and the Mini-Me's.
Can you find the Mini-Me's?

Since The Citadel is a public institution, it relies heavily on the financial support of alumni and other donors. Everything has a sponsorship attached to it.  Buildings, programs, events, etc., are named for their benefactors.  I thought this was funny:  a very nice brass plate indicates Col. Richard L. Irby donated the funds for the Light Dimmer in 2008.  This illustrates the Citadel's appreciation for every donation.  It also indicates that the Citadel has a sense of humor.

The trip to South Carolina was professionally successful . . . and it was fun to share it with Those Brindle Kids Mini-Me's.  They're resting up now.  They can't wait to get on the road again!


  1. What a fab place. Glad you had the mini me's as company.

  2. What a beautiful place the Citadel is!
    Loved to see the mini-me's on their travels with you - those lucky little dogs!
    Lynne x

  3. What an interesting place! I hope the real TBKs don't see this. They'll be trying to hide in your suitcase. I can't wait to see where the mini-me's go next!

  4. I hope Those Brindle Kids got to smell the Mini-Me's upon their return, so they tell what a great adventure they had been on. Now my Mini-Me's want to know why I don't take them anywhere :)

  5. Looks like such fun for you and the mini mes :) Lynne is working on mini mes for Team Zero Gravity since I loved yours so much :)

  6. It used to be said by older folk in the years after the war that young hooligans should be put in the army for a year or two, because 'that'd soon sort them out'. I'm not a fan of the military (being a Quaker and a pacifist) but I think they were right: the military services have a strong sense of discipline. They have to, to be able to function. And many anti-social youngsters would benefit so much from the discipline and the sense of duty and order that would be imposed on them. Respect, a sense of duty and responsibility, and the ability to take orders from people in positions of authority are all very much lacking in some people today, and it's making our society sick.

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