Our Adventures With Retired Racing Greyhounds, Truly, Maggie and Walker

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Bed

Sam's Club has a new style of dog bed - it has side bolsters. New dog beds make me happy! They usually make Those Brindle Kids happy, too. Since I could only find one bed in a color I liked, I bought just that one. Thank goodness. Truly and Walker found it too confining. They sometimes like to stretch out and they like to lie flat. They can't do that with the side bolsters. Maggie appears to have inherited the new bed. She likes the bolsters and it's plenty big for her.

We call it the "Cast Away" bed because it looks like a life raft.  If Tom Hanks had it in the movie,
he could  have rescued himself from that deserted island.
Maggie likes the Cast Away bed.
She says it's very comfy.
She posed nicely, suggesting this photo be used by the Cast Away Bed Company for marketing purposes.
Demonstrating the effective use of the bolster as a pillow.
Demonstrating the roominess of the Cast Away bed.
Note:  Maggie requested the old bed remain under the new bed so she can have extra cushioning. Little princess . . .


  1. We got a similar bed from Costco and it's also too small for Beamer. He sleeps just like Maggie does.

    Maggie looks like she really likes the bed :)

  2. Of course a princess needs extra padding! It's in the adoption contract!


  3. Maggie looks SO adorable. Sam's Club should be paying you for this post.

  4. What a great bed, it looks so comfy. All three of us could get in it and Mum too, ha!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  5. Fab new bed. Maggie looks very happy.

    Loving the third from last photo and I think you should send iut to the bed company and see if they will use it....go on you never know:)

  6. We have two of that style and they are rarely empty. Especially the one in front of the fireplace :)

  7. Very nice bed. It looks like a better size than the monster ones we have.

  8. Maggie is so cute :) MY sister calls these bagel beds :) Yes, I remember Walker liking big beds where he could sprawl out on. He did like a huge semi bagel bed I have. It had a bolster on one side and was flat and open on the other side. My sister found cool Tuffy beds from Scotland that she orders and has shipped to the US! She swears they are the best beds in the world. She is trying to convince the maker/seller in Scotland to find a US distributor.

  9. I bought two of these beds at Sam's club a couple of months ago. My dogs think like yours, so they hang over the sides of the beds. BUT I wish to point out that the quality of the fabric is superior to the beds of similar price at Walmart. The Walmart beds got rips with in a month of purchase by the dogs nails when they were "nesting". The Sam's Club bed is three months old and are still intact. That's an improvement. The color is different from mine, and the Brand name on mine is Serta. Is yours Serta?

  10. She does look comfy!! And she is so elegant that she makes the bed look even better than it is.

    We've always had at least one 'bolster' or doughnut bed. Our previous dogs loved them. But Sid has decided that tripods can't sleep in bolster beds. When I dismantled it to wash it last time, he got onto the base without the bolsters and refused to get off, so I haven't had the heart to reassemble it!

  11. I guess Maggie's not camera shy, hehe! Giving our dogs their own bed is such a great benefit to them since they could sleep there comfortably instead on the cold floor. Just make sure to keep her free of ticks with proper hygiene. Thanks! :)

    Jessica Finley @ Online Allergy Relief